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Aug 112010

Note: My Tribe recently patched which is making these not work right. It might be a temporary thing, so we’ll see if it clears up later. Sorry for any inconvenience. ~The Facegamer

I haven’t covered My Tribe for a while, which I am a little ashamed of, since it was the topic of my very first post on this blog. So I’m getting back to my roots a bit. Here’s a bunch of stardust for you – hopefully all of them will work for you, but don’t be surprised if some just don’t. I can’t really control it, and although I had some friends test it, I don’t know how well this will stand up once thousands of people try claiming this.
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Apr 112010

This is a gifting helper for the stable pieces in Farmville. It has all 5 pieces instead of the normal 2 that a player can gift. This is meant to replace the old Maison/Stable post, since the maison was retired on April 1st, and then again on April 11th.

On May 14th, The stable was updated to be expandable (similar to the chicken coop) except to expand, you need parts again. So this has become useful once more, yay! Continue reading »

Mar 272010

Facebook is FULL of Easter eggs this weekend! I myself noticed found them hiding in six different games, but there’s probably even more. Take a gander at this list. Ahh, to play Facebook or go play in the sun. Decisions, decisions.

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