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Jul 082010

In case you missed it, Cafe World is giving two cafe cash- “just because”. This is the same link as the one on their fan page – so if you’ve already clicked it from there, this one won’t give you extra cash. I don’t know when they’ll shut it down, if they ever do – but it’s here if you need it.

If you’ve already collected it, or there’s some other problem, it’ll just take you to your cafe.
Edit-This is a one-time only offer. Just something for you to be aware of.

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May 212010

Today's guide was written with the help of Krystle W. and Christine A. Thanks!

So you’ve taken advantage of the VIP Dinners and you’re richer than rich. You’ve finished all your Super Stoves, and bought everything under the sun. And now you’re bored. Bored, bored, bored. Well, there’s always that new dish mastery thing that Zynga just put it – but that’s a whole different beast that I’m not going to talk about today. Today, I’m talking about Pro Cooking. [fb-share]

I’ve also heard it called “Sports Cooking”, “Delete Cooking”, and “Powerlevelling”. Whatever you call it, the basic idea is really simple: You prepare an item on the stove, collect its preparation CP, and then delete it before it finishes. You can only do this with dishes that take OVER 30 minutes to prepare. Meaning you CANNOT do it with a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (30 minute cook time) but you CAN do it for Buttermilk Pancakes (45 minute cook time). Continue reading »

May 052010

NOTE (June 2nd) According to Zynga, the Super Stove builder is going away soon, so get yours built soon! ~The Facegamer.

Could you image what sort of Food Network show Emeril Lagasse would have if he owned a Super Stove? “Choose your recipe out of the book and BAM!!! You’re done!” Okay, so maybe the Super Stove isn’t for him, but for the rest of us Cafe World players, it’s quite the handy little tool! Continue reading »