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Aug 202012

This is an opinion piece written by my husband, whose adventures in Cityville have left him with an interesting opinion of Zynga. Hope you enjoy.


Zynga, our relationship is… complex. Continue reading »

Jul 112010

Looks like it used to work and now it doesn’t. I’ll leave this page up in case it starts working again, but I doubt it will. Hope you got a buncha stuff before Zynga changed it. Closing comments since I’m tired of repeating myself when all the information is right here. Yes, we all know it doesn’t work anymore. I’m unhappy about it too. *grumble*~The Facegamer

Ahh, finally. Something for FrontierVille. Better late than never- I hope you agree! Here’s a bunch of building materials to help you along. It really takes a ton of them to get anything done, right? By the way, I want to thank “Ultimate Goddess” for helping me figure this one out. Thanks! Continue reading »