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Jun 242010

NOTE June 14th: These no longer work as Zynga has discontinued the Japanese Barn. Hope you got yours done in time! ~The Facegamer

I was really waiting for this update. I need the storage space. I’ve been resistant to buying decorations for my farm, but the Japanese theme suckered me in. I’m such an ‘otaku’. 🙁

Anyway, here’s the five gifting links for the Japanese Barn. Only two of the parts are new. These are not freebies. Just a gifting aid. Kind of silly that I need to even say that.

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Apr 202010

Here’s a way to GIFT all the gems in Treasure Isle, instead of the usual 2. You can also gift Overstuffed Treasure Chests from this page, and you can use the ASK-for-fruit feature too. I hope you find this useful.

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