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Jan 022011

Yup, I needed another farm game. One that was more challenging, but still familiar. And that’s what I got with FarmVille Chinese! But why is it more challenging? Because I can’t read squiggles! 🙂

Actually, it’s quite interesting to see how Zynga would remake FarmVille if they had the chance to do it again with all the things they learned since the beginning. For one,  it reports a crop’s time until harvest in terms of days, hours, minutes and seconds(!) instead of a stupid percentage like in English FarmVille.

To illustrate my point: Once, my husband looked over my shoulder as I was gaming and asked, “How long is 40% on that crop?”

To which I responded, “Meh?” and shrugged. Continue reading »

Apr 262010

Last week was a really good for new games – but I couldn’t help but notice that there was theme… MONSTERS! Rawr! And one is a farming game?? Check them out if you feel like something new! Please remember with new games that they are oftentimes a little buggy or light on features. These are no exception. But they’re still really cool. 🙂 Continue reading »

Apr 172010

New games are popping up on Facebook all the time, it seems. Here are a couple interesting ones to keep an eye on. Remember when you’re visiting them to keep in mind that they are still so new that they may feel incomplete. But there’s a lot of potential here!



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