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Jul 262011

Hey gang! I am excited to tell you about this new feature on The Facegamer – forums!! And not just any forums, super duper awesome-sauce forums!

It’s always bothered me that we never really had good conversations – I would post something, you would comment.. and that was that. Now we can really discuss our favorite games in great detail, if we want. There’s plenty of room for everyone, and I would really love it if you visited.

One of the nicest things about this forum is that you can use your Facebook account to login, and you won’t have to remember yet another username and password. To get started, click on the “Connect” button at the top of the forums page and follow the prompts.

Please bear with me in the coming weeks as I learn how to use the forum software myself. I bought what I felt was the very best software out there, and it must be, if the thousand of bells and whistles in it are any indication.

So, here it is:

The Facegamer Forums


I will probably be “living there” when I’m not in Facebook. So I hope to see you there too!

Apr 092010

According to British news agency, The Guardian, a 12-year-old bought premium Farmville items to the tune of  913 (approx~$1400 US) . He used all of his own savings and then ran mom’s credit card for the remainder of it. When asked why he did it, he said that Farmville ‘brought out good stuff that I wanted’. His Facebook account is now closed, but Zynga won’t refund the charges. The mother tried to get it reversed by her credit card company, but they won’t do it unless she files a police report against him. Continue reading »

Mar 302010

Hi everyone – Some of you were having issues with gifting the maison pieces earlier this morning. Zynga acknowledged that theyerroneouslyexpired a little too early and turned them back back on. HOWEVER, they are still going to expire soon. According to this post by Lexilicious (Zynga’s community liason), the maison stuff is going to expire for-sure-for-positive on April 1st, at 9pm PST. So, scramble for the last couple pieces if you need to, and help each other out!

After they make the change, I will probably just make a new post that has *just* the stable pieces.

Honestly, I think they should just take out the buyable frame and leave the pieces as giftable. What do you think?