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Mar 262010

It’s spring~ The sun is shining, the grass is green… but why go outside when you can build your very own lawn in Petville and play in that from the comfort of your own chair? Zynga just released another building mini-game for Petville, and just like in all the others, you only get 2 of the 5 pieces needed to help your friends build their yard. But not really. Below you can links to all 5 of the pieces. Just click on the picture of the one you want to send, and off you go! Continue reading »

Mar 152010

Spice Rack Many Cafe World players are familiar with the “Great Lid and Large Jar Famine of 2010”. Whole spice racks remain unfinished it the wake of this horrible catastrophe. Well, no longer! Below you will find links that allow you to gift ANY of the Spice Rack items – not just the ones on your giftables list. No more having to beg, plead, or do shameful favors in order to receive the last couple of pieces you need. Have your (nice) friends come here and use these links! Continue reading »

Mar 142010

Easy Stable and Maison GiftingUPDATE (April 11th, 10pm PDT) ZYNGA DISCONTINUED THIS A DAY EARLY. I’m just saying this now and in all caps because I expect a bunch of people to tell me that it’s broken. Thank you, I know. I’m unhappy too. You can use the Just the Stable Pieces post I made if you don’t like looking at the maison stuff. Click here for that post.
UPDATE: (April 4th) Looks like Zynga un-retired the maison until April 12th at 9pm (Pacific Time)… Sooooo…. get gifting! ~The Facegamer

UPDATE: (March 30th)The French Maison is being retired on April 1st, at 9pm PST. Be sure to get your gifting done by then! ~The Facegamer Continue reading »