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Mar 282010

Wild Paradise is a new zoo-ish game where you buy, raise, and release wild animals. This is a way to send multiple gifts to the same friend in the same day. It’s not too difficult, but it does take a little planning.I don’t expect this to be around for long, so you may as well take advantage of it. You can use it to help your friend catch up to you, or perhaps exchange favor-for-favor if you trust your game friend. Continue reading »

Mar 272010

Facebook is FULL of Easter eggs this weekend! I myself noticed found them hiding in six different games, but there’s probably even more. Take a gander at this list. Ahh, to play Facebook or go play in the sun. Decisions, decisions.

Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading »

Mar 262010

It’s spring~ The sun is shining, the grass is green… but why go outside when you can build your very own lawn in Petville and play in that from the comfort of your own chair? Zynga just released another building mini-game for Petville, and just like in all the others, you only get 2 of the 5 pieces needed to help your friends build their yard. But not really. Below you can links to all 5 of the pieces. Just click on the picture of the one you want to send, and off you go! Continue reading »